Nox Wraith Ancient Asgard
nox wraith ancient asgard
Make use of stealth to attain freedom for your people! Use your brute force to dominate all! Join to protect stability and peace! Join to defend the galaxy from evil!
25% Spy Bonus 25% Attack Bonus 25% Income Bonus 25% Defend Bonus
Quick Game Overview: StarGateUniverseWars is a massive multiplayer 100% web based free online strategy game, fight as one of the 4 Races (ancient, nox, wraith or asgard), in constant battle for the control of the Stargate Universe
(see battlefield rankings for who is currently dominating). Be wary though, as thousands of others will be trying to conquer you!
You will have armies, covert intelligence, weaponry, planets, advanced technologies and an economic realm to use as tools to accomplish your goals. You can battle alone,
become commander of others, join an existing commander, as well as apply for protection and guidance from one of the many alliances.

Game features:
  • Each race (ancient, nox, wraith or asgard) has more than 40 different technologies that can be researched. overall more than 160 different technologies!
    now you have the chance to research ancients techs and mix it with asgard techs or any other race! (you will have to trade for the techs)
  • You can train soldiers, spies,workers, special units and buy different kinds of weapons and ships.
  • You can attack to steal resources, send spies to gain intel on your enemies or to sabotage their weapons, raid or conquer your enemies planets!
  • Free trade with other users using the ingame market, safe market (market broker),
    auction house (where you can place and buy auctions just like ebay) or private alliance auction house.
  • You can Train Military Commanders that can gain experiance from its battles in which you can raise bonus it gives.
  • You can place gold in your bank to keep it safe from others or you can place it your alliance shared bank.
  • You can send your ship to a friend to protect him, or you can share with him advance technologies
  • Ingame chat and messages system, you can chat privately with one or many users at once. just like facebook.
  • Integrated forum. no need to login twice!
  • Recruit only 5* friends to this game using your recruit link (link can be found at the bottom of the command center,the new users dont have to join as your officers) to recieve free FSS!
    *users must be active for at least 3 weeks after the release.
  • Ingame anti cheat system that can automaticly ban users that use multies or try to hack the game.
and much much more...
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Stargate Universe Wars

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